Brazilian Butt Boost

Brazilian Butt Boost

Natural & Noticeable

Dr. Golpanian specializes in a procedure known as the Triple B.

This is his signature procedure, and in his professional opinion, delivers the most natural and enhanced results for his patients.

The Triple B includes:

  • Liposuction of at least 8 areas of the body to create a cinched waist and natural curves.
  • A BBL to achieve fuller, more projected buttocks.

The combination of these procedures results in an hourglass figure from any starting body shape.

Avoiding Disproportionate Results

It’s true.

Some BBL patients end up with an overdone look. Their figure looks artificial and disproportionate.

It’s obvious that they have had a procedure and this can lead to dissatisfaction with their results.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Dr. Golpanian understands that each patient is unique.

He thoroughly evaluates their body shape and anatomy so that he can add volume naturally to create an A-shaped buttock and hourglass figure

A Brazilian Butt Boost Results In:
  • A cinched waist
  • Reduced love handles and fat deposits
  • Improved body contours
  • A-shaped, more projected buttocks

Most patients want to achieve a proportionate, hourglass look.

Patients trust Dr. Golpanian because he has the artistic and medical talent to accomplish their individual goals.

FAQs about the Triple B

How long is the recovery? Dr. Golpanian recommends two weeks off work.

When will I see my results? Patients can expect to see their final results three months after the procedure.

Is there a BMI limit for this procedure? Yes. As safety is the priority for Dr. Golpanian, he will not perform this procedure on patients with a BMI over 37.

Has Dr. Golpanian performed this procedure on someone similar to me? Absolutely. He has performed this exact procedure on hundreds of patients of all different ages and ethnicities.

“Dr. Golpanian is an amazing surgeon. He provides ample information, has great "bedside manner," and is very skilled in his craft. He is able to accomplish a very natrual-looking shape.”
T. G. 6/13/23
“I want to thank Dr. Golpanian for the amazing results he gave me after my lipo360/bbl! I feel amazing and great about myself and confidence!! He is an amazing person and very professional!!!”
A. Rosales2 10/8/23

Why choose Dr. Golpanian for my Triple B?

Dr. Golpanian is a Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills.

He has dedicated over 12 years to perfecting his natural and noticeable BBL + 360 Lipo (Triple B) technique.

He knows his patients need the best results.

But, they also need much more than that.

Dr. Golpanian and his team are committed to providing an informative, caring, and comfortable experience for their patients.


What is best for you?

Every patient is different. You want to know how to get the best result for your body.

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